Air-Source Heat Pump Systems We are specializing in ducted system designs. As of January 2024, for the past 5 years our work had revolved almost exclusively around heat pump conversions and electrification.
Building•  services include every phase of home building from below the ground up to the roof top.  We have embraced building principles that are now called "going green", from our beginning. The livability of a home involves durability and efficiency as well as comfort, health and safety for its occupants.  Sustainable guidelines are now also  considered.  With a team of very competent, skilled tradesmen who take pride in their work, we can guarantee the livability of homes we build or retrofit. 
        All of our services are available as well, for additions and remodeling projects. 

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      Replacement windows and new siding•   installations will be    planned and evaluated for true energy savings based upon building science.  We will give unbiased options, with the energy saving calculations for different systems (of additional insulation R-values) so that an informed consumer decision can be made.  

     •Heating and cooling system•  services include evaluations and upgrades for energy efficiency.  Our many years of home building    experience with the proper sizing and installation design of HVAC systems is now enhanced with our technicians' own abilities and   training. 

      Hybrid water heaters•  installations are evaluated according to annual savings and payback.  The best savings occur when an existing hot water heater needs replacement or chosen for new construction.

    •Solar thermal energy• + •radiant heating•    design - build services are available due to our own "hands-on" experience along     with that of our trained technicians.

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Conservation• services focus on reducing non-renewable energy use by increasing the effective R-values in attic, wall and basement areas, called the thermal envelope.  Attics and ceiling areas usually can be upgraded with significant improvements to a home's thermal envelope and at reasonable costs using blown-in cellulose insulation. 

    •Air sealing•  services with foam insulation help create a more effective air barrier surrounding the home on all sides and next to the insulation.  Air leakage in homes has been found to contribute 5% to 40% of the seasonal heating and cooling costs.  It is often helpful to use an infrared viewer. 

      Infrared scanning•  service is available for (installation quality)    assessment of existing insulations and flat roof moisture issues.       When used with blower door testing, infrared scanning can make existing insulation more effective by detecting unusual sources of infiltration.  Then, air sealing can be more complete.

     Electricity use•   We also advise on reducing household electrical usage based upon potential savings with upgrading of appliances and lighting.

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Air quality• services first start with testing of interior air for carbon monoxide and combustion safety of heating and cooking equipment.  Excess moisture in a home can have several possible sources which can contribute to mold and mildew problems.  We have over 30 years experience with diagnosing moisture problems and can test for them.  If we observe other potential sources of indoor air pollution, we will point them out.  

    •Moisture problems•  Moisture migration into building cavities causes some mold/mildew issues and can also be associated with air and rainwater leakage.  We also have experience finding other interior sources of moisture that are causing mold and mildew.

     •Ventilation systems•  are designed to handle specific situations.  We install exhaust fans and active ventilation systems which include heat and energy recovery units.  These do the best job of controlling indoor air pollution.  We can also install radon mitigation systems. 

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Home performance assessment•  service is a comprehensive whole house audit approach to upgrading home energy efficiency and interior comfort.  It is quite valuable when considering major upgrades such as window replacement, siding and heating systems.  With our  unbiased professional experience, we can provide a full range of energy-related home improvements.   
    "Identifying and repairing the root causes of energy waste, cold drafts and musty-smelling air will help you lower your monthly utility bills while increasing the comfort, health, and long-term value of your home",  see Efficiency First Brochure for more on what is an audit


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