Energy Conservation

We have a long history as "energy conservation specialists", with many satisfied customers.  Home energy retrofits can improve a building's thermal envelope with more or better insulation materials but the wall installation process is also very important.  The removal and re-placement of individual pieces of siding is necessary for a "professional looking" installation of sidewall insulations.  We have unequaled experience working with exterior siding of all kinds, not just the easy ones like vinyl siding.

Air sealing of attic, basement and crawl spaces,  done with spray foam is another cost-effective service.  It stops energy losses due to air movement called "stack" effect.  In the winter, when warm air finds a way out at the top of the thermal envelope, cold air is pulled into lower areas.   Air sealing is recommended before cellulose insulation or fiberglass insulation is added in an attic or ceiling area.  If your home already has some attic insulation, we can still find the areas that need sealing with our infrared viewer.

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