Experience of CEO - ron mclagan 

I have lived on Kings Court, Clifton Park,NY since 1987 where I built a new home with customers as neighbors.  The design-build process involved sitting down with each buyer and listening to their needs and wishes.  I drew preliminary sketches and then worked with an architect to develop the final building plans.  The result was 16 homes of differing styles but with a common construction philosophy and business ethic established many years earlier in my life.  As a low volume custom builder, I have a group of tradesmen who enjoy working with me (some who were employees at an earlier time, some that are second generation craftsmen whose fathers worked for me).  I have built in various subdivisions where larger builders have sold me their extra lots. I have developed and built in smaller subdivisions as well as building on individually owned properties.  All the homes have exceeded the energy code requirements when built.   

New Construction

Pool exterior facing south
Pool interior facing west

The use of renewable energy helps make a home more energy efficient.  Solar thermal was utilized at 12 Kings Court.  I designed and built a passive solar swimming pool enclosure with an active solar pool water heating system (1991-2).  The passive solar gain reduced the total house heating costs by 15%.  The pool area in winter was no less than 40°F and as high as 85°+F.  Eight motorized skylights remove unwanted heat in summer and deciduous trees provide additional control of solar gain to ambient temperatures. 

My second home, at 14 Kings Court, has radiant heat technology built into some areas, as well as pre-installed piping from the attic down to utility room, for future solar heating equipment.

I have been called upon to testify as an "expert witness" in several court proceedings for attorney Louis-Jack Pozner, Albany, NY.  These involved residential construction problems that were not easily resolved.  I was complimented by one judge for being able to clarify  the issues so that all sides understood. 

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